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Juliette Stray

Juliette Stray

Listed under: Piercing, Red Hair, Tattoo, Usa,

Model Description:

Redheaded beauty Juliette Stray makes it awfully hard to tell she has a cock between her legs. At first glance she seems like a cute chick with a nice rack and great curves. That's what you'd want in a babe, right? Then she takes her clothes off and you see there's a hot cock between her legs and you feel like you're the luckiest dude in the world because you just stumbled upon a redheaded dream come true. She's not shy about dressing up in something sexy like a tight dress, a lingerie set, or a skimpy bikini. She knows her body looks good and she likes to show it off.

Juliette Stray loves hardcore sex, too. She gives great blowjobs to guys and other shemales and uses her mouth to prep them for the fucking she wants to take. Her asshole is always ready to be opened up by a thick invading cock. Her tits are fantastically well done and even though they're implants they have a natural look, which is irresistible in a tranny. Her milky white skin, a trait of natural redheads, is one of her finest qualities and makes her nude body even more appealing.


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July 15th 2012 - serial
wow. i love her! I cant believe how hot she is. I would love her to be my wife!

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