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Luana Araujo

Luana Araujo

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Luana Araujo is a good-looking Brazilian shemale pornstar with a tight body. Her skin looks like it's tanned all the time, her tits are perky B cups (they' re small implants and they are delicious), and her body is tight. She must work out plenty because she has that firmness that only comes from plenty of time in the gym. Like so many shemale pornstars she got her start shortly after she turned 18 and she's been on a role since. Her success is earned through great performances and hard work maintaining her body, which is glorious.

Luana Araujo generally does glamorous porn. When she gets in front of the camera her makeup is perfect and her body flawless. She always maintains a sensual look in her eyes and she never forgets that she's there to arouse you. She plays solo, with men, and with women. She loves to fuck and be fucked and at least on camera she has no preference. She just wants to get nailed. She's been in porn since the mid 2000s and she has always been popular. Guys can't help but gravitate towards what she's putting out there and that means sales for whoever hires her.


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