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Patricia Araujo

Patricia Araujo

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Patricia Araujo hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she was born in 1983. She was born Patricia Oliveira but chose a new name when she got into porn as an 18 year old. She looks good at 5' 9" and 150lb. Her body is fit and tight and her face is one of the most feminine in the shemale porn world. She genuinely looks like a girl with a cute button nose, big eyes, and a sweet smile. Her lips are plump and sensual and they do good work when she gets into a porn scene with a man and his hard dick.

Unlike some shemale models, Patricia was on hormones for a long time to give her a feminine shape, which would explain her exceptionally good looks. She has natural breasts. They' re small but they are real and perky and they make her seem more womanly than anything else. When she was first getting into the business she worked at an escort agency in Brazil to make a little extra money. She loves her natural body and even though she's sometimes jealous of girls with big boobs she's going to keep her little cuties.


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