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Old Transsexuals

Reviewed on: July 4th 2007 by James B.
Listed in: Mature Shemale, Hardcore, Movie,

The tour of Old Transsexuals is predictable but well done. It shows off exactly what it promises, Older shemales in hot hardcore action. And it shows a fair amount of just that during the short tour. But there isn't much to see here so I guess they are depending on the subject matter being unique enough to get you to pay to come inside. So let's take the bait and go check it out.

Okay, now we're inside and if Old Transsexual content was what I was looking for I would be very, very disappointed because all there is in the members area is a couple of videos featuring Old shemales. That's it folks. There's only 9 of them but nevertheless the quality is decent, and the action is really hot.

Besides the 9 vids with old shemales there are a bunch of live transsexual video Feeds and a lot of bonus sites. I checked a few of them out for you and I can say that they are not bad. They allow you to chat live with some damn sexy transsexuals from around the world but if you want to go private with them you're going to have to spend more money. I can't tell you if it's worth it because I didn't do that.

The one thing this site does offer that is fairly exciting is access to over 70 more membership sites of every type. And the best part of that is that several of these sites are Transsexual Sites so if you join up here you certainly won't get ripped off. So overall it's not bad but the 9 vids on Old Transsexual are the only granny shemale videos you`ll get here.

They want $29.95 to get into this site and frankly it's not worth it unless you are willing to spend that much to see just a couple of movies of old transsexuals fucking. I must admit that if you really want to see old shemales then Old Transsexuals is pretty much the only choice you have, but know that there's only a couple of movies to download. The extra sites are a nice bonus but if you join for them you are basically buying them unseen and that makes it a bad deal.

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